Using Of Large Steam Sterilizers And Their Advantages


Steam sterilizer, which are also referred as steam autoclaves, are the vital part of the decontamination and sterilization processes carried over by Sterilization Unit or Team in a Sterilization chamber in the healthcare facilities. These autoclaves are designed with high quality to cover wide range of applications and to sterilize very huge equipment for hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical, food and bio-technological industries.

Choosing the suitable autoclave depends on several aspects such as the type of loads,frequency of usage,available services and load volumes. Here, the sterilization effect is accomplished by means of saturated water steam at the specified temperature, pressure and sterilization exposure time.The temperature varies from 105 degree Celsius to 134 degree Celsius and the sterilization exposure time ranges from 4 to 60 mins which depends on the character of the application.

Large steam sterilizers are used in numerous industries for its wonderful advantages.These autoclaves offer high capacity ranging from 100 to 1500 litres.They are constructed very modern, safe and also they ensure reliable operation. They are easy to use and are highly customizable with wide range of accessories and options. They are fast as well economical where the sterizilation cycles starts from a less time with advanced water and energy saving systems. The utility costs are also less when compared to other sterilizers.They also offer wide range of sterilization programs. These steam sterilizers are considered as best solution for pharmaceutical and bio-technological applications and are highly recommended by doctors and professionals.

Health care and medical facilities choose these units for some of the reasons like they are safe, and reliable for usage. Also, it is very easy to monitor and control them as they can be controlled and operated using a microprocessor.